Hall of Records: 1100 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara
Tel: 805 568-2250 
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30pm. 
Fees: $100.00 for Marriage License / $111.00 for Confidential Marriage License

A Marriage license must be purchased before you get married. The couple must apply together at any time at any one of the three (3) Santa Barbara County Clerk offices, or they can bring a marriage license from another County in California, but the license must be returned and submitted to the County in which it was issued, within 10 days of the Ceremony having been completed.

If either applicant has been divorced or has terminated a state registered domestic partnership within the last ninety (90) days, a certified copy of the final dissolution of Marriage or termination of domestic partnership is required.

You both must be present. For those who are under 18 years of age it requires the parent's consent. When one or both of the applicants is/are under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, arrangements must be made with the Santa Barbara Superior Court at 805-882-4520 in Santa Barbara or 805-614-6414 in Santa Maria and Lompoc, or with the Superior Court of the County in which the license would be issued. Once the judge approves the marriage, the couple must come into the Clerk, Recorder’s Office with a certified copy of the court order and government-issued photo ID. Minors may only purchase a regular marriage license.

If you wish to obtain a Confidential Marriage license, you must be currently residing together as spouses. You will need to bring in proof to the Clerk of this, in the form of your valid driver’s licenses showing the same address or a bill addressed to both of you at the same address. You can only use the Confidential Marriage license issued to you by a County in California, within the State of California. This is updated from previously, which stated that only the County in which the license was issued, would allow a ConfidentIal Marriage to be performed. No witnesses are required and you may use the license as soon as it is issued. A Confidential Marriage license may only be used within a period of ninety (90) days from the date of issuance.

You may purchase a certified copy of a Marriage Certificate from the County Clerk for $14.00 plus $3.50 Administrative fee, if paying by Credit Card, otherwise no copy is forthcoming from the State.